• Ineox is a specialist in Client experience in a context of digitalisation

    Ineox has specific expertise in:

    - The pragmatic definition of master plans and their operational implementation
    - Assistance with your client and digital marketing: development of your relational programmes, structuring of your inbound marketing, optimisation of your acquisition programmes, etc.
    - Establishment of projects (CRM, social media, etc.): project management, calls for tenders, project ownership, project management and application maintenance
    - Support in transforming organisations: diagnostics, support programmes, communications plans, involvement of the sales force, etc.
    - Data analysis in a big data context: from recovery to quality and reconciliation, digital analytics and completion of statistical models

  • We adopt a long-term partnership approach with our clients

    - We work in synergy with our teams and pay particular attention to their commitment and involvement
    - Focused on your satisfaction, we measure the efficiency of each assignment as a whole and for each Ineox employee