Ineox Club: An innovative concept

Exclusively dedicated to advertisers, Ineox Club invites you to take part in an experience-sharing approach in the fields of data, analytics, digital and CRM

  • Events organised to provide an opportunity to socialise and network with your peers

    - Meet colleagues with similar problems
    - Present your feedback and quick wins
    - Learn about the latest innovations from speakers and specialists
    - Take part in collaborative thematic workshops

  • From information to value-added

    - Receive case studies from our Clients
    - Benefit from studies, white papers and market trends

  • Join us!

    - Sign-up for free and with no commitment

Examples of past events

– Talk by Belgacom – Proximus (Belgian telecoms operator)
– In Paris – Maison des Polytechniciens X – Le Louvre

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– Talk by the Vice President of Digital and holder of the Social Networks Chair at the Institut Mines Telecom
– In Paris – Ice Kube Bar

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– Talk by Crédit Agricole, local bank with a global presence
– In Paris – Villa Violet

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